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What is it about?

Sound Mind, Soft Heart is a community mental wellness initiative designed by Loving Heart. It takes a gentle approach to mental health problems.

The cornerstone of this programme is a

• Sound Mind – to be reflective and self -aware, practise self-care and mindfulness

• Soft Heart – to be good hearted and gentle, caring and pro-social

Why are we doing this?

In Yuhua, we believe in coming together to build a resilient supportive community that has real and positive impact on the people. We want to create a community that is age-friendly and stress friendly.

This programme will build up the community’s self-care knowledge and capacity to watch over their neighbours. It will reinforce our community resilience.

How does it work?

The Framework:

Volunteer Mental Mentors (MM) will be trained to equip them with the skills, knowledge and attitude to implement mental wellness projects in Yuhua. The training modules consist of core training (domain knowledge and supporting courses) and fun electives.

Loving Heart has partnered various stakeholders such as AIC, SAMH, NUHS and MOHT to curate core training modules that aims to equip the MMs with domain knowledge on mental wellness. The MMs will also be able to pick up supporting skills such as basic facilitation and team management as well.

In turn, MM will form their team of 10 Community Champions (CC) each and will then initiate a community mental wellness network in their area.