Bringing People Together For Good

Bringing People
Together For Good

Loving Heart offers an inclusive and holistic range of programmes and services to address the needs of the Yuhua community be it families, seniors or the vulnerable. Our programmes extend 3 ways – Social Outreach, Lifelong Learning and Health & Wellness. In Yuhua, we strive to foster meaningful reciprocal connections among the community where mutual respect, trust and purpose can be found through every engagement.

Social Outreach

Loving Heart aims to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable seniors and needy families by providing social services and assistance.


A community initiative to provide daily hot meals to vulnerable elderly during the Covid-19 circuit breaker lockdown. It is a collaborative effort involving donors, local grassroots and hawkers .

MOU recipients are issued meal vouchers and can redeem up to 2 meals a day from any participating hawker stalls near their homes. For recipients who are not mobile, volunteers are deployed to assist them. More than 50 hawker stalls participate in this project and they are distributed all over Yuhua.

This programme is well received by both hawkers and beneficiaries. Not only did this project help the elderly, the Yuhua hawkers benefited from this project which gave variety and hot meals. Volunteers from the Zones braved the Covid-19 danger to deliver the meals. Truly a caring community.

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Lifelong Learning

LH endeavours to nurture lifelong and life-wide learning mindset in the community.

Health & Wellness

Loving Heart aspires to inspire healthy living.

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