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Our Story


Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (LHMSC) was set up in 2000 with a clear vision of serving the community, and for this purpose it was called a multi-service centre as the needs of the community are many. It was and is truly home-grown as the staff live in Yuhua or nearby, and they understand the residents well.

Today, Loving Heart is a Social Service Agency (SSA) in Yuhua and an appointed SG Cares Volunteer Centre for Jurong East Town.

We are committed to building a caring and resilient community where no one is left behind.

To achieve this, we collaborate with various stakeholders to form a System of Care to meet the needs of the community.

Our Approach

Loving Heart, manned by a handful of staff until recently, is lean in its operations. Because of our inclusive philosophy, we welcome all who sincerely want to serve – whether episodic or regular. We want to give everybody the opportunity to volunteer and discover for themselves the joy of volunteering.

Through a unique ground-up approach, we have nurtured a social network for an eco-system that connects residents, business community, public agencies, grant givers and other well wishers.

During the Circuit Breaker lockdown we see this community come together to do extraordinary things in extraordinary times. Volunteers delivered hot meals to the seniors and home-sewn masks to those who do not have enough. Volunteers organised virtual engagements  and the community did not lose sense of togetherness and solidarity despite the situation.

Loving Heart kickstarted the Meals On Us programme in partnership with the grassroots and local hawker stalls in Yuhua. Our volunteers were then assigned to deliver hot meals to residents in-need. Additionally, we also started micro-skills for micro-jobs programme to prepare the older generation for the gig economy. This was supported by E2i.

It is such partnerships and collaborations that build our ties with the Yuhua community.

Loving Heart Volunteers
Bringing People Together For Good

Our Aspirations

The future has yet to unfold. But we have been given a glimpse of what it brings to our community, and it is all exciting and hopeful. Loving Heart will continue to support the effort of the Yuhua community to build community capital.

We will mobilise people to benefit from development plans and help develop knowledge and skills by encouraging more skills-based volunteering. As times change, so do needs, and so does the profile of volunteers. We will tap on the assets of our community to address the needs of the residents, and make the Yuhua community even stronger.

Loving Heart was set up

First Volunteer Centre appointed by SG Cares Office (MCCY)

Clients served across all services in 2020

Proudly funded by our
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Meet The Team

Loving Heart Board Members

Prof Teng (1)

A/P Teng Su Ching, BBM


Mr. Malaiya Maran S/O Srinivasan
Vice President


Mr Lawrence Ng Kok Kiang
Vice President

Dr Loke Edited

Dr Loke Wai Chiong
Vice President


Mr Patrick Tan Tse Chia
Hon. Secretary

Lee Ching

A/P Lim Lee Ching
assistant Secretary

Wei Hurng 01

Mr Sio Wei Hurng


Mr Desmond Chong
assistant treasurer

Arthur Edited

Mr Cheong Boon Leong Arthur, PBM


Ms Sim Seo Lian Pauline, PBM


Mr Chua Chin Wei Vinson


Ms Suzana Binte Slemat


Mr Gideon Lam

Sy5 2008 Headshot

Dr Lena Lee Siow Ling


Ms Andrea Liew Yihui


Mdm Saharidah Bte Suradi

Our Staff

Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (LHMSC) and Yuhua Senior Activity Centre Team


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