Internship at Loving Heart (Franz)

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From 21st September till today, I had been given the opportunity to witness how the elderly was living. I followed when they were distributing food coupon for their meals. It gave them an option to choose what they would like to eat instead of being given a prepacked meal. It allowed them to have a sense of freedom when it comes to their food. Even though with this pandemic, Loving Heart has still found ways to help the elderly and is still looking for more ideas that would assist them.


Although I used to hang around Jurong area often, I had no idea that block 318A was for the elderly. It was a studio apartment that had been specially given to them. I’ve observed how the block was made to help out the elderly. At the life lobby, you’re able to see which unit is in distress. With this, help would arrive faster to those that are in distress and it could actually save more life.┬áThe corridors were wide so that 2 wheelchairs can move freely without causing any inconvenience and at there were railings to assist the elderly. This was actually an eye-opening situation for me. Just by adding small amount of details, it could help the seniors out.


What I hope to achieve in this internship is to enhance my communicating skills. Being able to expand my knowledge into this sector as this is a must learn for teenagers so that they can react better if they ever encounter situations in their household. Being able to be even more responsible, as this would affect my future.