Internship at Loving Heart (Ayu)


When I joined as an intern in Loving Heart, I would admit, I was lost. I was afraid that I wouldn’t do well on certain tasks as I do not have a background or interest in volunteering. Despite all those feelings, I slowly help out with the tasks given. Especially with the help of the staff, supervisors and colleagues, I manage to follow their footsteps through my journey in Loving Heart.


The reason why I did not have any background in volunteering was that I am currently studying in Digital Animation. It is not fully related to the industry I am currently in. However, I did manage to apply some of my design skills to some of the things I have contributed. For example, Logo and Shirt design and of course, drawing some of the staff here. Even though it is not something major, it did touch the heart of others, especially drawing some of the staff. From my journey as an intern in Loving Heart, I learned that despite having experiences, as long as I enjoy what I do, others will do as well. This is based on the time I facilitated the art programme to the seniors. Although it was me showing them on how to draw, they enjoyed it and wanted to learn more from the programme. Overall, the programme has taught me to be more confident and have fun!


It has impacted me when people like and enjoyed what I did and asked for more. Such examples would be the seniors wanting to have more art programmes as they find it fun and engaging. It is nice to see the seniors talking to one another about the creation they have done during the programme.
Throughout my internship journey in Loving Heart, I got to know many different stories from many of the staff and elderlies. Despite having not much experience to socialise with this many people, I am glad to have exposure from it. It helped me improve on myself and grow as a person which could benefit me and others for the better.