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Community Outreach Executive

Loving Heart is seeking a strong communicator with stakeholders engagement skills to grow volunteerism in Jurong East Town. You will be engaging various community partners to form strategic partnerships to meet the needs of the Town. You are a strong communicator, meticulous and passionate.

Key Responsibilities include:

– Outreach to community partners in all divisions in Jurong East Town including SSAs, healthcare institutions, religious organisations, grassroots organisations, corporates, educational institutions and ground-up groups to build an active SG Cares Community Network

– Conduct community assets mapping and volunteer needs mapping for all divisions in Jurong East Town

– Support and maintain oversight of community partnerships and depository of key information e.g. meeting notes, administration brief and fact sheet, to monitor/track their development

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Corporate Communications and Brand Lead

Loving Heart is seeking a master storyteller to join us in weaving stories to build on our brand identity. You will curate design and user experience and package it all into a great story. You are strategic, experimental, well-versed in marketing trends; creative and full of ideas. You must be able to develop and entrench our strong brand name and image, and in so doing, make Loving Heart the SSA of choice for volunteering opportunities.

Key Responsibilities include:

– A strategy to market Loving Heart and drive volunteerism

– Content and creative works creation across all social media platforms

– Brand awareness and identity

– Basic market research to be well versed in developments in the sector in Singapore and beyond

– Website (wordpress) and social media platforms management

– Human stories around place –based community

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Business Development Executive

Loving Heart is seeking a resourceful individual with strategic thinking capability  to grow volunteerism in Jurong East Town. You will identify and understand the key needs of the community and putll together resources and initiatives to meet these needs through volunteerism. You are well-versed in and aligned to sectoral trends and prevailing social policies

Key Responsibilities include:

– Develop growth strategies and plans to grow volunteerism in Jurong East Town

– Drive and facilitate partnerships between community partners to meet the needs of Jurong East Town

– Support community partners in strengthening their volunteer and donor management capabilities by providing guidance and sharing capability development resources

– Understand sector trends and identify new volunteering opportunities to attract volunteers and partnerships

– Prepare and present reports

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Learning and Development Lead

Loving Heart is seeking a L&D Designer to craft a volunteer’s learning journey with us. You will be working alongside our community partners to curate and design training curriculum for volunteers and youth to make learning in the community intentional, effective and meaningful.

Key Responsibilities include:

– Volunteer/Youth training curriculum design

– Design and enhance workplace learning experience for volunteers and youth participants

– Develop OJT blueprints for volunteering roles

– Facilitate training sessions

– Programme evaluation

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If you are keen to join Loving Heart, you can submit your applications via the direct links above. For any other queries regarding the vacancies, drop us an email hellolovingheart@gmail.com