Career Taster Programme

Loving Heart partnered with Bold at Work to curate a career taster programme (On My Way) for youth who are keen to find out more about the Social Service Sector. We ran two sessions in November 2020 and January this year.

The youth came with curious minds and we hope we managed to answer most of their questions and gave them an insight to what working on the ground means in the social service sector. We curated a community trail for them to get to learn more about the community in an experiential manner and know more about the stories around Loving Heart. They also got to interview some of the residents and small businesses around. They were also engaged in a role-play session where they get to have hands-on experiences pertaining to different job roles (volunteer management, digital marketing, centre management).

Here’s what some of the participants say after the programme:

“ Innovativeness of Loving Heart wanting to reach out to younger audiences broke my stereotype of how social service sector can be old-fashioned”

“Understanding how the community came together to help one another; placing potted plants on the edge to prevent seniors from tripping. Captures the spirit of loving Heart.”